Summer Look

Warm months do not give us as many opportunities as colder seasons to play with layers, but it does not mean that your summer style can’t be enhance in any other way. While most of the time you probably thinking of ways to wear as little as possible (yet still feel comfortable) these few pieces will help you add stylish touch to your everyday outfit.


Layered Necklaces

Why you should wear one when you can wear five? In this case, the more the better and wearing necklaces in different lengths / shapes will make your look super chic. You probably already have few of them at home, so all you have to do is mix and match them and voila. You can also go the easy way and get one of many layered options from high street stores.  Top tip – don’t mix colours, keep it simple – gold with gold and silver with silver.



Not only stylish accessory, but also practical for your summer hairstyle. Good headband can take your whole look to another level. Pick the one contrasting with your hair – black for blondes and beige for brunettes to make sure it stands out.


Shells and Pearls

Find them in necklace, earrings, ankle bracelet or hair pin. This summer you can wear them in all possible combinations and for sure they won’t be unnoticed.



As a hair accessory or bracelet, depends on your needs, it will work for you. You can go for the basic satin one, or you can pick the one with bow of pearls for more chic look. The best part about them?  With low cost and effort  they give your look Parisian vibe.


Straw Bag

It’s been few years since straw bags became popular pick not only for beach destinations, but nicely blended to our everyday  style. If you still don’t have one, it’s time to invest as they are becoming summer classics.



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