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Wear What She’s Wearing – Gigi Hadid

Signature Denim Looks

Gigi Hadid quickly dominated the fashion business and become an icon in the modelling world.  Along with magazine covers, campaigns and countless publications, Gigi is also known as one of the best style inspirations when it comes to street style outfits. Every time she steps out, her looks are always polished and worth saving into your Pinterest board. Her casual style is a blend of California cool girl look mixed with chilled vibe, sexy stylishness and elegance.

Denim is a major part of Gigi’s wardrobe and whether she’s dressing for lunch with friends, event or a night out, she loves to use jeans as a base of her outfit. She can pull off denim like no one else; from mixing high heels with oversized jumpers and blending high street pieces with high end brands, she knows how to match it all to achieve stylish finish.

Although some of her casual meets elegance outfits can be challenging to replicate, this few high street alternatives inspired by five of Gigi Hadid denim looks should make it easier.

Have a look below and steal her style!

Gigi Hadid style

Jacket – Monki £40 / Boots – Shoeaholics £34 / Jeans – Topshop £46 / Top – Topshop £7


Gigi Hadid Pina Colada jumper

Jumper – PLNY LALA £49 / Jeans – Zara £29.99 / Shoes – Topshop £29.99 / Belt – Zalando £21.99


Gigi Hadid style copy

Blazer – Zara £49.99 / Turtleneck – &otherstories £55 / Jeans – H&M £39.99 / Boots – Zalando £209 / Sunglasses – ASOS £10


Gigi Hadid outfit

Jeans – Topshop £42 / Shirt – H&M £69.99 / Boots – Missy Empire £35 / Sunglasses – Ray Ban £80 / Necklace – H&M £8.99


Gigi Hadid style inspiration

Coat – Stradivarius £49.99 / Boots – Zara £95.99 / Jeans – Bershka £19.99 / Hoodie – Zara £19.99 / Sunglasses – ASOS £12

October Mood

Leather Jacket & Jeans

I’ve always had love – hate relationship with leather jackets as sometimes I would see it styled in the street style outfit and suddenly become obsessed with it, but once I will get it, I would wear it once and after that keep it at the bottom of my wardrobe. Since I’m always trying to have open minded approach to new trends and styles, belted leather jackets cough my eye when I saw them first time around Spring time and turned out to be an alternative that I didn’t know I needed. I guess that idea of belted leather jacket which can still highlight your curves is more tempting for me than relax and oversize look of classic leather jacket? Regardless, I’m 100% convinced with this style, not sure how long this love will last, but while it’s here for Autumn, I will take the full advantage and wear it on repeat (until we get to Winter time obviously).

leather jacket nasty gal leather jacket nasty gal

Relationships Status

Speaking of love – hate relationships, I do have similar approach to Autumn season. One day I will scroll through my Pintrest board and see plenty of cozy outfits that I would love to wear, think of wool jumper to buy and add another camel coat to my Zara bag.  Other day I will get stuck in the traffic for one hour, forget umbrella from my house, look like an absolute mess by the time I get home and be angry at the fact that it’s already dark at 5 pm.

leather jacket nasty gal

There are some perks of Autumn, just like for any other season, but it’s this weird transition from Summer time where I could wear as little clothes as I wanted (aka no layers necessary), have drinks outside and enjoy long warm evenings. Winter on the other hand is full of magical moments starting with December full of Christmas preparation, then magical festive season leading to New Year and then we left with January and February to enjoy Winter sports. Then there’s Autumn and now sure if I can see as many perks there as in other seasons? Possibly the fact that I’m writing this post during windy and rainy day is impacting my current view and if I would wake up to the sunny weather and walk to the park cover in golden leaves I would quickly change my mind. It’s all up to perspective, so like I said – I Love and Hate you Autumn, Welcome back!

belted leather jacket

leather jacket nasty gal






Timeless Wardrobe Pieces – Part 1.

Style Essentials

Creating an outfit with timeless pieces, that you might actually already have in your wardrobe can save you not only a lot of time, but also loads of money. Investing into capsule styles, that will always be in fashion no matter what the trends are, is exactly what you need to do to improve your style.  Having more classic pieces can be a perfect solution to start being more sustainable with your spending and having less struggle with completing an outfit in the morning.  Have a look at first five wardrobe essentials and create your new timeless wardrobe collection!

How many of them you already have in your closet?

1. Black Blazer

A good blazer can make your outfit look way more expensive and stylish than it is. The black blazer is a must have in any fashionistas wardrobe and an easy answer to the question “what should I wear today?”. Style it with t-shirt, slip dress or mom jeans,  it just can’t look wrong, so make your life easier and if you are still missing out on this classic, start building your timeless wardrobe from it!


2. Mom Jeans in Blue Colour

Mom jeans are one of the most flattering jeans that fit all shapes and sizes. They are more casual than skinny jeans and more chic than wide fit, there are just in between all the styles and that’s why they are exactly what you need for your every day outfits.



3. Camel Coat

Camel coat will add a stylish spice to your layered outfits. Whether you want to style it with trainers and t-shirt or black dress and heels, it’s a complete game changer to your wardrobe. If you already have one, you surely know what this hype is about and if not, stop missing out and get one before Winter starts!



4.Cashmere Jumper

If you want to invest in one jumper, make it a cashmere jumper. It’s one of those pieces that will not only last you for years, but you can also be sure that it will never go out of style. Cashmere jumpers are also a great transition pieces that you can style from Autumn / Winter season to Spring and Summer evening looks. The unique fabric is perfectly adjusting to the temperature, so you can keep it around all year long.



5.White Shirt

White shirt is one of those pieces that doesn’t need an introduction. Certainly it can be a perfect solution to style with jeans or culottes when you feel like you have nothing to wear. It’s also another transition piece that you can style with trainers and skinny jeans during day time, and swap shoes for heels in the evening to look super feminine and sexy.









Top 10 Overshirts You Need To Wear Right Now

Oversized Fit

Overshirts / Shirt Jackets are just a perfect solution for everyone who loves shirts and hates to hide them under layers of clothes during cold season. They might simply be an answers to your stylish Autumn needs and great alternative to trench coats that you wear every year. They might fit / look like a casual shirt that you already have in your wardrobe, however the fabric that they’re made of is much warmer and heavier than the usual shirt making them new capsule piece.

Overshirts also give you a fantastic opportunity to introduce and add some colour to your looks when it starts getting rainy and grey outside. For the cool and casual look pick one of the overshirts in bright colour like red, green or pink. To keep it more chic in Parisienne style, go for the beige alternatives.  If you are already convinced, that this is exactly what you need right now, take a look below at the best overshirts available to buy right now.




Topshop £69
overshirt trends
ZARA £49.99


overshirt jacket autumn trends
H&M £29.99


overshirts for autumn 2019
Bershka £49.99


shirt jacket autumn trends
&otherstories £110


H&M £69.99
top jackets for autumn
Topshop £49.99


Top Overshirts for Autumn 2019
ZARA £59.99
top jackets for autumn 2019
Topshop £59.99


jackets for autumn 2019
Pull&Bear £39.99

















Best Leather Pieces to Wear This Autumn

Timeless Fabric

This season it’s all about adding edgy leather pieces to your every day and evening wardrobe. Whether  it’s leather shirt that you can style with a pair of jeans and Chelsea boots or leather trousers that will go with a white shirt and trainers, they will definitely make your Autumn / Winter outfits more exciting and stylish.  Real and faux leather are timeless fabrics that will always add a chic touch even to simple outfit, but they are also great transition pieces that you can wear either with trainers or heels.

High Street stores have plenty of affordable options of real and faux leather pieces. Have a look at H&M, &otherstories and ZARA where you can find the biggest selection. If you are not madly in love with leather pieces (yet), for a start you should treat yourself to a leather jacket and flattering leather trousers as they are one of the pieces that you can wear on repeat every year.


Leather Trousers



Leather Shirt



Leather Skirt



Leather Jacket



Leather Dress


Louis Vuitton vs Missy Empire

High Street vs High Fashion

In 1896, after the death of Louis Vuitton, his son Georges Vuitton took over the brand with a vision to make the company a global brand. To prevent imitators who copied the more basic designs in the past, Georges Vuitton created the iconic LV Monogram Canvas. Typically in a brown colour way with Louis Vuitton’s initials, diamonds, circles and flowers printed on coated canvas. The print was inspired by Japanese and oriental design from the Victorian Era. Since then, Louis Vuitton print is one of the most recognisable in the world.

Louis Vuitton accessories are one of the most timeless pieces, desire by all fashion lovers. Since their iconic print is very particular and always associated with the brand, finding LV inspired bags and accessories in the high street stores was very tricky task as companies can easily get accused of pattern infringement, however Missy Empire  create their accessories collection “inspired” by luxury designer.


Louis Vuitton dupes

Wear What She’s Wearing – Anja Rubik

Minimal Chic

Anja Rubik is an icon in the modelling world, but she’s also known for her chic, sexy, timeless and effortless style. You can also spot her in new ZARA camping – “Back to Minimal” which looks like inspired by her street style outfits. She’s the woman who can make the simple t-shirt look extremely glamorous and pull out every fashion trend with class.  For her every day outfits she’s usually choosing minimalistic pieces styled with designer bags and accessories. Her wardrobe is dominated by neutral colours as well as a lot of black classics such as blazers, dresses and tailored trousers.

Anja’s looks are always polished and on point, she’s using a lot of timeless pieces, so we can get back to her outfits from 2014 and still fit them in fashion trends of 2019. We should all take note from her style book lead by the simple fashion rule – less is more.

As supermodel wardrobe pieces might not be on everyone’s budget, the below alternatives inspired by Anja’s looks will help you create outfits according to her style.

Anja Rubik Style

Shop the look: T-shirt – Boden £19 / Jeans – M&S £19.50 / Coat – Zara £119 / Bag – Carvela £49.99 / Shoes – Adidas £74.99


Shop the look: Shirt – H&M £8.99 / Shorts – H&M £24.99 / Bag – Massimo Dutti £119 / Shoes – &otherstories £100


Anja Rubik street style

Shop the look: Top – H&M £3.99 / Trousers – ZARA £29.99 / Blazer – Pull&Bear £29.99 / Shoes – Le Redoute £22 


Anja Rubik style ideas

Shop the look: Skirt – H&M £19.99 / Sweater – &otherstories £55 / Bag – Osprey London £115 / Boots – &otherstories £135 

10 High Street Dresses that look High End

Update your wardrobe on budget

With more fashion brands, who can make their collections look like a designer pieces, it’s easier to find an outfit that will make you feel like a million dollars without breaking your credit card limit. Luckily for all of us, high street shops are on top of their game with creating beautiful yet affordable clothes that might look like taken straight from the catwalk. Dresses in particular are the pieces that makes your entire outfit, so if you want to refresh your wardrobe before new season, make sure to consider one of the dresses below as your must have.




COS £59


Mango 100% leather dress – £139


&otherstories £95
Zara £49.99


H&M £59.99


















Massimo Dutti £119


ZARA £49.99


Mango £49.99
&otherstories £55


Mango £35.99


Réalisation Par vs High Street Shops

The Naomi Skirt

Satin and Silky midi skirts became really popular last year when The Naomi leopard skirt by Réalisation Par took over all social media accounts.  Brand bestseller which was (and still is) repeatedly out of stock, turned out to be a perfect transition piece to style with heels as well as the pair of trainers. It doesn’t come as a surprise that high street shops spotted the opportunity and demand for these kinds of pieces and quickly adopt to the trends by making their own version of skirt.

Réalisation Par offers the skirt in six different colours (all priced £175) but after having a closer look through online shops, it wasn’t difficult to find similar or almost identical pieces.

Have a look below at the original next to the high street respond!


On the left side Réalisation Par skirt £175 on the right side Nasty Gal skirt £15


On the left side Réalisation Par skirt £175 on the right side Nasty Gal skirt £14


realisation par leopard skirt dupe On the left side Réalisation Par skirt £175 on the right side Missy Empire skirt £15


Realisation Par daisy skirt dupe

On the left side Réalisation Par skirt £175 on the right side New Look skirt £20


Realisation Par midi skirt dupe

On the left side Réalisation Par skirt £175 on the right side Boohoo £18


Realisation Par red heart dress dupe

On the left side Réalisation Par skirt £175 on the right side Nasty Gal skirt £15


5 Accessories To Enhance Your Summer Look

Summer Look

Warm months do not give us as many opportunities as colder seasons to play with layers, but it does not mean that your summer style can’t be enhance in any other way. While most of the time you probably thinking of ways to wear as little as possible (yet still feel comfortable) these few pieces will help you add stylish touch to your everyday outfit.


Layered Necklaces

Why you should wear one when you can wear five? In this case, the more the better and wearing necklaces in different lengths / shapes will make your look super chic. You probably already have few of them at home, so all you have to do is mix and match them and voila. You can also go the easy way and get one of many layered options from high street stores.  Top tip – don’t mix colours, keep it simple – gold with gold and silver with silver.



Not only stylish accessory, but also practical for your summer hairstyle. Good headband can take your whole look to another level. Pick the one contrasting with your hair – black for blondes and beige for brunettes to make sure it stands out.


Shells and Pearls

Find them in necklace, earrings, ankle bracelet or hair pin. This summer you can wear them in all possible combinations and for sure they won’t be unnoticed.



As a hair accessory or bracelet, depends on your needs, it will work for you. You can go for the basic satin one, or you can pick the one with bow of pearls for more chic look. The best part about them?  With low cost and effort  they give your look Parisian vibe.


Straw Bag

It’s been few years since straw bags became popular pick not only for beach destinations, but nicely blended to our everyday  style. If you still don’t have one, it’s time to invest as they are becoming summer classics.


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