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Louis Vuitton vs Missy Empire

High Street vs High Fashion

In 1896, after the death of Louis Vuitton, his son Georges Vuitton took over the brand with a vision to make the company a global brand. To prevent imitators who copied the more basic designs in the past, Georges Vuitton created the iconic LV Monogram Canvas. Typically in a brown colour way with Louis Vuitton’s initials, diamonds, circles and flowers printed on coated canvas. The print was inspired by Japanese and oriental design from the Victorian Era. Since then, Louis Vuitton print is one of the most recognisable in the world.

Louis Vuitton accessories are one of the most timeless pieces, desire by all fashion lovers. Since their iconic print is very particular and always associated with the brand, finding LV inspired bags and accessories in the high street stores was very tricky task as companies can easily get accused of pattern infringement, however Missy Empire  create their accessories collection “inspired” by luxury designer.


Louis Vuitton dupes

Wear What She’s Wearing – Anja Rubik

Minimal Chic

Anja Rubik is an icon in the modelling world, but she’s also known for her chic, sexy, timeless and effortless style. You can also spot her in new ZARA camping – “Back to Minimal” which looks like inspired by her street style outfits. She’s the woman who can make the simple t-shirt look extremely glamorous and pull out every fashion trend with class.  For her every day outfits she’s usually choosing minimalistic pieces styled with designer bags and accessories. Her wardrobe is dominated by neutral colours as well as a lot of black classics such as blazers, dresses and tailored trousers.

Anja’s looks are always polished and on point, she’s using a lot of timeless pieces, so we can get back to her outfits from 2014 and still fit them in fashion trends of 2019. We should all take note from her style book lead by the simple fashion rule – less is more.

As supermodel wardrobe pieces might not be on everyone’s budget, the below alternatives inspired by Anja’s looks will help you create outfits according to her style.

Anja Rubik Style

Shop the look: T-shirt – Boden £19 / Jeans – M&S £19.50 / Coat – Zara £119 / Bag – Carvela £49.99 / Shoes – Adidas £74.99


Shop the look: Shirt – H&M £8.99 / Shorts – H&M £24.99 / Bag – Massimo Dutti £119 / Shoes – &otherstories £100


Anja Rubik street style

Shop the look: Top – H&M £3.99 / Trousers – ZARA £29.99 / Blazer – Pull&Bear £29.99 / Shoes – Le Redoute £22 


Anja Rubik style ideas

Shop the look: Skirt – H&M £19.99 / Sweater – &otherstories £55 / Bag – Osprey London £115 / Boots – &otherstories £135 

10 High Street Dresses that look High End

Update your wardrobe on budget

With more fashion brands, who can make their collections look like a designer pieces, it’s easier to find an outfit that will make you feel like a million dollars without breaking your credit card limit. Luckily for all of us, high street shops are on top of their game with creating beautiful yet affordable clothes that might look like taken straight from the catwalk. Dresses in particular are the pieces that makes your entire outfit, so if you want to refresh your wardrobe before new season, make sure to consider one of the dresses below as your must have.




COS £59


Mango 100% leather dress – £139


&otherstories £95
Zara £49.99


H&M £59.99


















Massimo Dutti £119


ZARA £49.99


Mango £49.99
&otherstories £55


Mango £35.99


Réalisation Par vs High Street Shops

The Naomi Skirt

Satin and Silky midi skirts became really popular last year when The Naomi leopard skirt by Réalisation Par took over all social media accounts.  Brand bestseller which was (and still is) repeatedly out of stock, turned out to be a perfect transition piece to style with heels as well as the pair of trainers. It doesn’t come as a surprise that high street shops spotted the opportunity and demand for these kinds of pieces and quickly adopt to the trends by making their own version of skirt.

Réalisation Par offers the skirt in six different colours (all priced £175) but after having a closer look through online shops, it wasn’t difficult to find similar or almost identical pieces.

Have a look below at the original next to the high street respond!


On the left side Réalisation Par skirt £175 on the right side Nasty Gal skirt £15


On the left side Réalisation Par skirt £175 on the right side Nasty Gal skirt £14


realisation par leopard skirt dupe On the left side Réalisation Par skirt £175 on the right side Missy Empire skirt £15


Realisation Par daisy skirt dupe

On the left side Réalisation Par skirt £175 on the right side New Look skirt £20


Realisation Par midi skirt dupe

On the left side Réalisation Par skirt £175 on the right side Boohoo £18


Realisation Par red heart dress dupe

On the left side Réalisation Par skirt £175 on the right side Nasty Gal skirt £15


5 Accessories To Enhance Your Summer Look

Summer Look

Warm months do not give us as many opportunities as colder seasons to play with layers, but it does not mean that your summer style can’t be enhance in any other way. While most of the time you probably thinking of ways to wear as little as possible (yet still feel comfortable) these few pieces will help you add stylish touch to your everyday outfit.


Layered Necklaces

Why you should wear one when you can wear five? In this case, the more the better and wearing necklaces in different lengths / shapes will make your look super chic. You probably already have few of them at home, so all you have to do is mix and match them and voila. You can also go the easy way and get one of many layered options from high street stores.  Top tip – don’t mix colours, keep it simple – gold with gold and silver with silver.



Not only stylish accessory, but also practical for your summer hairstyle. Good headband can take your whole look to another level. Pick the one contrasting with your hair – black for blondes and beige for brunettes to make sure it stands out.


Shells and Pearls

Find them in necklace, earrings, ankle bracelet or hair pin. This summer you can wear them in all possible combinations and for sure they won’t be unnoticed.



As a hair accessory or bracelet, depends on your needs, it will work for you. You can go for the basic satin one, or you can pick the one with bow of pearls for more chic look. The best part about them?  With low cost and effort  they give your look Parisian vibe.


Straw Bag

It’s been few years since straw bags became popular pick not only for beach destinations, but nicely blended to our everyday  style. If you still don’t have one, it’s time to invest as they are becoming summer classics.


Top Swimwear Brands to Wear This Summer

Refresh your holiday look!

Summer is upon us and it’s finally time to start thinking about treating yourself to a flattering bikini or one piece. While high street shops are always full of swim options, it’s a good time to have a look and invest your money in the brands that specialise in swimwear.

Find top 10 swim brands below and complete your holiday wardrobe with high fashion swim:


1. Marysia

Marysia is known for its’ scalloped edges which became a signature of the brand. “With a focus on vacation wear, Marysia designs with travel in mind, creating collections a woman can wear from day to night”.  Brand focuses on feminine designs which are perfect for someone who is looking for cute cuts.

2. Eres

“Eres is timeless but not classic, fancy but not provocative and feminist but not arrogant. Minimalism wins out over embellishment: graphic design takes precedence, purity dominates and the ‘no logo’ philosophy stands firm” The brand is a perfect choice for those who are looking for timeless and simple (but stylish) swim piece. The price of the products might come as a surprise, but all I have to say is that the brand is a part of Chanel house and in this case price comes with quality.

3. VIX

Vix combines the bold sexiness of Brazil with the coastal allure of California. The brand is design for those who are not afraid to show their body. Their Brazilian cuts are perfect if you are looking for sophisticated and sexy swim piece.

4. Heidi Klein

“The inspiration for the brand came from listening to clients, understanding what works and what doesn’t, and then creating a collection of exquisitely cut swimwear with an impeccable fit”. Heidi Klein has plenty of different shapes and styles to offer, so if you not sure what works for your body, this is where you should start from.


The brand lunched by Jessica Mercedes is inspired by her  travels and experiences. It combines bohemian and minimalistic styles with a little bit of sexy spice. It’s a great choice for those who like simplicity with a feminine twist.

Shop MOIESS here:

£39 – £89

6. Melissa Odabash

“Timeless pieces designed with clean lines and innovative textiles aim to adapt to all body types, making them a must- have for the distinguished global traveller.” Melissa Odabash has something to offer for demanding women who are looking for luxury and sexy swimsuits.


KIINI is another Brazilian brand with signature crochet design. Glamorous and fun cuts are perfect for those who are looking for unique and flattering swim.

8. Eberjey

“Designs of the brand express happiness, love and confidence. These are all the things that makes woman truly beautiful.”  Eberjey focuses on flattering shapes as well as feminine prints and colours. Perfect for those who are looking for cute and stylish piece this summer.

9. Solid & Striped

Funky and Chic in the same time, that’s what best describes Solid & Stripes designs. Their costumes are perfect for those who want to add more fun prints into their holiday wardrobe, yet keep the luxury flair to it.

10. Lenny Niemeyer

“Designs for the independent, chic woman who to highlight their femininity, beauty and charm.” This Brazilian brand is perfect for confident women who like more reveling, yet flattering cuts. It offers exotic prints and makes you want to join carnival in Rio ASAP!





Shoe Trends for Summer 2019

Shoes Update

With summer being almost upon us, we should all think about updating our shoe game for new season. This year, fashion trends offer wide range of options and styles, so everyone can find their perfect fit. From those who appreciate being comfortable, they will be pleased to hear that “daddy’s sneakers” got replaced by “daddy’s sandals” which are surely as relaxed as sandals can get. There is also a good news for minimalistic style lovers are strappy sandals are currently taking over the fashion wheel and there are definitely staying with us for longer.

Find the top trends for this shoe season and choose the best one for yourself!

Strappy Sandals

Strappy sandals are perfect if you are looking for minimalistic and feminine touch to your summer outfits.

&otherstories £85
ZARA £55.99

Daddy’s sandals

Unexpected trend that all fashionistas fall in love with. They are another inspiration from dad wardrobe, but what can I say, there is some beauty in this “ugly” yet sophisticated trend.

ZARA £39.99
Stradivarius £29.99

Platform Sandals

90’s vibes all the way and something you should add to your wish list if you tired of wearing high heels in the summer.

River Island £35
&otherstories £65

Heavy Leather Sandals

More feminine version of daddy’s sandals with fashion and chic twist into them.

Topshop £32
Zara £69.99

Heeled Platform Sandals

Option for the brave ones! Recently popularized by Saint Laurent can complement your glamorous evening look!

Utreque £99
ASOS £40

Stylish Slides

They are summer classic and if you still didn’t get a pair, new season it’s the best time to do it to so you can enjoy wearing them during sunny days!

Zara £25.99
Utreque £79.99
Stradivarius £25.99



Gucci vs High Street

£540 vs £35

The Spring is upon us and it’s time to swap heavy boots for lightweight shoes. Although it’s still too early to get away with a sandals, this time of the year it’s the best to embrace wearing slip on shoes. In recent years Gucci loafers became popular and loved by fashion industry along with cheaper alternatives from high street stores. While you might not be ready to spend £640 on Gucci design, you can have a look at cheaper versions inspired by the brand.


Original Design from Gucci


Gucci £540

High Street Designs


Office Shoes £69
ASOS £35
&otherstories £79
Aldo £70




Top Camel Coats for Spring Season

Timeless Piece

Those who already have one in their wardrobe, know that camel coat is amazing solution for every fashion struggle. It immediately makes a casual outfit a game changer and that’s why so many fasionistas rely on this chic piece. Timeless and glamorous will become your favourite piece to wear on repeat. It’s safe to say that it’s easier (and more interesting) to wear than black coat you holding on to, especially during the Spring season.

It works in every day look with jeans and turtleneck as well as thrown on the classy evening dress. The simplicity of the coat also gives you a great opportunity to play with accesories. To complement the coat, wear it with contrasting handbag in toffie colour or trending in this season hair pearl clip.

Check out my top high street pieces to shop right now:




Zara £119


Stradivarius £69



COS £190


Stradivarius £69.99


ZARA £79.99


Boohoo £20


NEXT £78




Pistachio – The Colour of New Season

Your New Favourite Shade of Green

During winter months the shade of green on your mind is probably khaki as it fits with the atmosphere of cold and short days.  While it’s easy to say that we can wear more colours during this time, it’s not as exciting to put pink trousers on  and be positive when you going out to minus temperature.

While it’s still safe and definitely trendy to pick khaki clothing , you should turn your attention to a new shade of green taking over the season –Pistachio.  Pastel shade offers colourful and fresh update to your blacks and burgundy wardrobe and it’s undeniable that soon everyone will be obsessed with Pistachio colour.

Check out my favourite current picks in Pistachio colour and get them while they are still in stock!



 New Look £24.99
&otherstories £49


Stradivarius £29.99


&otherstories £79


Stradivarious £19.99



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