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All About Denim – Best Pieces To Shop For AW23

It’s Denim Season

As the leaves begin to change and temperatures drop, it’s time to layer up and explore new and exciting fashion trends for the autumn-winter season of 2023. Denim is all year fashion staple, but now more then ever, the fabric is taking over high street and high end collection. Gone are the days when wearing denim from head to toe was considered a fashion faux pas, now the motto is – the more denim the better. If you are not ready to embrace the total look, there are still plenty of chic styles worth adding to your wardrobe this season.

1. Classic Jeans with a Twist

Good pair of jeans are a foundation of any great denim wardrobe. Look for high-waisted, wide-leg jeans or a flattering (and my personal favorite) – straight leg style. Pair them with a simple white tee and ankle boots for a chic daytime look, or dress them up with a tailored blazer and heels for a night out.

2. Oversized Denim Jackets

The oversized trend is here to stay, and denim jackets are no exception. Whether you go for an interment piece from ACNE Studios or equally chic ARKET overshirt – it will perfectly compliment your looks during colder months. Throw one over a knit dress or pair it with wide leg jeans to get chic total denim look.

3. Denim Jumpsuits

Jumpsuits are a one-and-done outfit choice that’s perfect for the busy AW23 season. Denim jumpsuits are not only comfortable but also incredibly stylish. Choose a tailored denim jumpsuit for a sleek and polished look or opt for a relaxed-fit, utility-style jumpsuit for a more casual vibe. Accessorize with a wide belt and chunky boots for a chic and edgy ensemble.

4. Denim Accessories

Don’t forget about denim accessories to complete your AW23 denim look. Denim belts, handbags, and caps are making a comeback. These small touches can add a pop of denim to any outfit. Consider a denim bucket bag or a denim scrunchie to stay on-trend this season.

Denim is a timeless fabric that continues to reinvent itself season after season. This season is all about embracing the versatility and creativity that denim has to offer. From classic jeans with unique details to denim dresses, oversized jackets, jumpsuits, and accessories, there’s a denim piece for every style and occasion. So, revamp your wardrobe and make denim the star of your autumn-winter fashion story. It’s a trend that’s here to stay, and with the right pieces, you’ll look effortlessly chic all season long. Happy shopping!

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