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Prada Loafers vs High Street Dupes

The Spring is nearly upon us and it’s time to swap heavy boots for lightweight shoes. Although it’s still too early to get away with a pair of sandals, this time of the year it’s the best to embrace wearing slip on shoes. Prada loafers have captured the attention of all fashion lovers and  like most trending items, they keep selling out from online stores. They are a perfect mixture of comfort & chic shoe, without compromising on a style.

Thanks to countless social media posts, you can see them everywhere on Instagram and Pinterest, and with a raise of love for Prada design, there are also a lot more budget friendly options available in high street stores.

Even though loafers are quite a timeless classic you can wear every year, Prada’s recent offering feels contemporary thanks to its chunky design. You can style them with jeans, oversized t-shirt and tote bag for casual day, or pair them with midi satin skirt, oversized blazer and a pair of ribbed socks for a chic finish. The beauty of loafers lies in their transitional look, and the fact you can wear them for any occasion and any season.

If you are convinced you need to add them to your collection, but you are not ready to spend over £700 on a designer option, here are the best Prada loafers dupes to shop from high street retailers..

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Tony Bianco

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