It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

With Christmas decorations, mulled wine and mince pies in the shops it’s hard to ignore that the festive period is upon us and what comes with it, all the Christmas parties you will be attending. It might sound exciting for some, but with overwhelming choice from retailers and shops constantly promoting their party edition products, it’s easy to get lost and confused when it comes to your outfit ideas. Well, not anymore, as in this post you can find all the options worth your attention. Browse through the dresses, pick the one for yourself and use my styling tips to complete the final look.


Little Black Dress

You just can’t go wrong with this wardrobe classic; however if you want to spice up your black dress look, pick the one with some print or shiny detail.

Styling tip: Style the dress with pattern thighs (Gucci tights kind of look) and ankle boots.

Shine Bright

Sequins aren’t just for New Year, so if you like everything shiny or you want to spark during this festive season, try one of these dresses.

Styling tip: Break the rules and instead of wearing stiletto heels with sequin dress, style it with knee high boots or heeled ankle boots.

Midi Dress

Who said that midi dress can’t be as sexy as mini alternative? I hope no one, as these dresses can not only highlight your curves but also make you look super chic.

Styling tip: Wear them with high heels, it will smooth your posture and make your outfit even more elegant.

Glam Style

All kind of bright festive colours, puff sleeves, bows and other crazy alternatives are just here ready to be pick for those who don’t like simple solutions. Loose fit dresses are currently trending all over the social media and you might fall in love with them as much as I did!

Styling tip: Don’t go crazy with accessories, as most of the dresses are already a lot, keep it simple with details to make sure you don’t look like Christmas Tree (yes, even during Christmas time is not source of your fashion inspiration)


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