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I’ve always had love – hate relationship with leather jackets as sometimes I would see it styled in the street style outfit and suddenly become obsessed with it, but once I will get it, I would wear it once and after that keep it at the bottom of my wardrobe. Since I’m always trying to have open minded approach to new trends and styles, belted leather jackets cough my eye when I saw them first time around Spring time and turned out to be an alternative that I didn’t know I needed. I guess that idea of belted leather jacket which can still highlight your curves is more tempting for me than relax and oversize look of classic leather jacket? Regardless, I’m 100% convinced with this style, not sure how long this love will last, but while it’s here for Autumn, I will take the full advantage and wear it on repeat (until we get to Winter time obviously).

leather jacket nasty gal leather jacket nasty gal

Relationships Status

Speaking of love – hate relationships, I do have similar approach to Autumn season. One day I will scroll through my Pintrest board and see plenty of cozy outfits that I would love to wear, think of wool jumper to buy and add another camel coat to my Zara bag.  Other day I will get stuck in the traffic for one hour, forget umbrella from my house, look like an absolute mess by the time I get home and be angry at the fact that it’s already dark at 5 pm.

leather jacket nasty gal

There are some perks of Autumn, just like for any other season, but it’s this weird transition from Summer time where I could wear as little clothes as I wanted (aka no layers necessary), have drinks outside and enjoy long warm evenings. Winter on the other hand is full of magical moments starting with December full of Christmas preparation, then magical festive season leading to New Year and then we left with January and February to enjoy Winter sports. Then there’s Autumn and now sure if I can see as many perks there as in other seasons? Possibly the fact that I’m writing this post during windy and rainy day is impacting my current view and if I would wake up to the sunny weather and walk to the park cover in golden leaves I would quickly change my mind. It’s all up to perspective, so like I said – I Love and Hate you Autumn, Welcome back!

belted leather jacket

leather jacket nasty gal







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