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Creating an outfit with timeless pieces, that you might actually already have in your wardrobe can save you not only a lot of time, but also loads of money. Investing into capsule styles, that will always be in fashion no matter what the trends are, is exactly what you need to do to improve your style.  Having more classic pieces can be a perfect solution to start being more sustainable with your spending and having less struggle with completing an outfit in the morning.  Have a look at first five wardrobe essentials and create your new timeless wardrobe collection!

How many of them you already have in your closet?

1. Black Blazer

A good blazer can make your outfit look way more expensive and stylish than it is. The black blazer is a must have in any fashionistas wardrobe and an easy answer to the question “what should I wear today?”. Style it with t-shirt, slip dress or mom jeans,  it just can’t look wrong, so make your life easier and if you are still missing out on this classic, start building your timeless wardrobe from it!


2. Mom Jeans in Blue Colour

Mom jeans are one of the most flattering jeans that fit all shapes and sizes. They are more casual than skinny jeans and more chic than wide fit, there are just in between all the styles and that’s why they are exactly what you need for your every day outfits.



3. Camel Coat

Camel coat will add a stylish spice to your layered outfits. Whether you want to style it with trainers and t-shirt or black dress and heels, it’s a complete game changer to your wardrobe. If you already have one, you surely know what this hype is about and if not, stop missing out and get one before Winter starts!



4.Cashmere Jumper

If you want to invest in one jumper, make it a cashmere jumper. It’s one of those pieces that will not only last you for years, but you can also be sure that it will never go out of style. Cashmere jumpers are also a great transition pieces that you can style from Autumn / Winter season to Spring and Summer evening looks. The unique fabric is perfectly adjusting to the temperature, so you can keep it around all year long.



5.White Shirt

White shirt is one of those pieces that doesn’t need an introduction. Certainly it can be a perfect solution to style with jeans or culottes when you feel like you have nothing to wear. It’s also another transition piece that you can style with trainers and skinny jeans during day time, and swap shoes for heels in the evening to look super feminine and sexy.










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