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High Street vs High Fashion

In 1896, after the death of Louis Vuitton, his son Georges Vuitton took over the brand with a vision to make the company a global brand. To prevent imitators who copied the more basic designs in the past, Georges Vuitton created the iconic LV Monogram Canvas. Typically in a brown colour way with Louis Vuitton’s initials, diamonds, circles and flowers printed on coated canvas. The print was inspired by Japanese and oriental design from the Victorian Era. Since then, Louis Vuitton print is one of the most recognisable in the world.

Louis Vuitton accessories are one of the most timeless pieces, desire by all fashion lovers. Since their iconic print is very particular and always associated with the brand, finding LV inspired bags and accessories in the high street stores was very tricky task as companies can easily get accused of pattern infringement, however Missy Empire  create their accessories collection “inspired” by luxury designer.


Louis Vuitton dupes

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