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Minimal Chic

Anja Rubik is an icon in the modelling world, but she’s also known for her chic, sexy, timeless and effortless style. You can also spot her in new ZARA camping - "Back to Minimal" which looks like inspired by her street style outfits. She’s the woman who can make the simple t-shirt look extremely glamorous and pull out every fashion trend with class.  For her every day outfits she’s usually choosing minimalistic pieces styled with designer bags and accessories. Her wardrobe is dominated by neutral colours as well as a lot of black classics such as blazers, dresses and tailored trousers.

Anja’s looks are always polished and on point, she’s using a lot of timeless pieces, so we can get back to her outfits from 2014 and still fit them in fashion trends of 2019. We should all take note from her style book lead by the simple fashion rule – less is more.

As supermodel wardrobe pieces might not be on everyone’s budget, the below alternatives inspired by Anja’s looks will help you create outfits according to her style.

Anja Rubik Style



Anja Rubik street style


Anja Rubik style ideas


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