Hello early 2000’s!

They say that fashion always comes back. As we grown up and see the trends rapidly changing every season (bringing old fashion back), we can confirm it’s true. Designers logo  bags are currently the hottest product on the market.

New version of Dior saddle bag took over the social media and became the most wanted bag by all fashion world. For a little while, logo bags were more associated with tackiness, rather than fashion trends, but current season is a game changer for vintage bags.

It started from Dior, but it doesn’t mean that you should stop there. All designers started refreshing their old collection and making “new” version of their top bags. The best sellers and most loved ones are Gucci, Fendi, LV and of course Dior early 2000’s designs.  If you don’t want to spend thousands on brand new, vintage inspired bag, there’s a solution for you.

Where to buy Vintage designers bags?

The good thing is that really often you can find vintage, designer bags (in great condition) for a really low price. You can try your luck not only in online shops, but also in charity shops around you. When it comes to legit online shopping, you have to get luck and refresh the website from time to time to find what you are looking for in good price.

Find the best websites to get your vintage bag below and start your hunting right now:





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