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The average person sleeps over 9,125 full days. Considering we live 75 years on average, it gives us 25 years spent sleeping, yet often we don’t experiment enough with things that could improve our snooze time. As the season is slowly turning from hot summer evenings to cozy autumn nights, it’s time to start thinking how to get the best quality sleep.  Inspired by The White Company Sleep collection, that offers the full sleep proposition from nightwear to bedding & fragrances I’ve listed my top tips and products for your good night sleep. Their collection uses six of the most soothing essential oils which help you get the best quality bed time, and the fabric of their nightwear makes you want to stay in bed forever!



If you are still sleeping in old joggers and your boyfriend’s t-shirt, it’s time to invest in quality PJ’s! The first and most important part is picking not only beautiful prints, but also comfy and breathable fabrics. Cotton, silk, cashmere and flannel (for colder months) will definitely make you feel relax and comfortable. The look is not the main part, but luckily very often good quality of your nightwear comes in beautiful packaging. The White Company offers wide range of cozy and stylish sets or mix&match options, where you can find the best pick for yourself.  I went for mix&match option and I have to say, the top is the most comfortable I have ever had. Fabric feels so nice and comfortable that I can’t wait for a rainy day just to spend all day in bed!

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Find a perfect pyjama for yourself and complete the nightwear look with bed socks or stylish robe.


Top – Ribbed Henley Pyjama Top  and Bottom – Spot Cuffed Pyjama Bottoms

Pyjama from my pictures is currently sold out, but I’ve linked the closest alternative from The White Company.

How to improve your sleep?

A stylish nightwear is just a first step in taking your sleep experience to the next level. Start with the basics, by choosing the best quality and comfortable mattress. Once you have that make sure to find the right pillow suitable for your back to get the most out of your time in bed.




The best quality sleep

Candles and fragrances are something you should try for yourself (especially before winter) to feel fully relaxed and rested when you wake up. Taking a long bath surrounded by candle, hot drink in your hand and listening to relaxing music is one step closer to clear your mind and relax your body before bed time.

Sleep Candle £20

My New Bedtime Routine

Recently I have started using a sleep mask and for the past three months I can’t imagine not wearing it, even if it’s for a quick nap on the airplane. I can confidently say that it did improve my sleeping experience and I would highly recommend it to anyone (especially to light sleepers). If you are preparing your room for a good night sleep, candles and pillow mist are the perfect tools for the job. I’ve been a fan of The White Company candles for ages, but only recently discovered the special scent for sleep and I have to say, it is a must for those who love their candles and need some extra help to calm mind before sleep.

Pillow Mist £22

The pillow mist is crafted to help you enjoy a tranquil night’s sleep and upgrade your bedtime rituals.


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