Cheap or Chic?

I’m really lucky to almost never struggle with finding a suitable pair of sunglasses. I can admit that 99% of sunnies I ever tried look good on me, however it doesn’t mean that I will wear all ridiculous shapes out there. I always liked to have at least one pair of good, timeless sunglasses (a bit more expensive) and few seasonal shapes from high street stores. I like to experiment with different styles, but for my every day outfits, I usually go for classic colours ( black / brown) and pretty standard shapes.

I do like loads of high street sunglasses, but you probably won’t see me wearing them too often. I adore the fact that for £5 you can get stylish frames from H&M, but is definitely not the best way to protect your eyes from sun.  The biggest difference between high street buys and brands that specialise in sunglasses is the lenses they are using. I do pay attention to sunglasses I’m wearing (life fact: I have terrible vision and I’m wearing contact lenses all the time) and I can easily spot the difference as my eyes are really sensitive to the sun.

Keeping in mind that heat wave in London requires wearing sunglasses all the time, I had to treat myself to a new pair. This time I went for more casual classic from Ray Ban (I’m loyal to the brand since I was 14) and it’s actually the first time when I decided to go for mirror lenses. I always liked them on everyone, but wasn’t quite sure how they will look on me, however this time I’m pleasantly surprised! What I like about this model is the fact that they are foldable and they take almost the same amount of space as keys in my handbag!

Check out my favourite shapes to wear right now:

Round & Oversized:

Chic and Small:

Round classics:


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