About my look:

Pink is definitely my colour. When I was a child I was obsessed with everything in pink (that also came with crash on Paris Hilton) and I would’ve think that by know, when I’m in early twenties my obsession will go away. Well, that’s not the case and even if I’m not having Barbie wardrobe, when I have to choose some clothing in Pink vs. any other colour, the choice is easy. Sometimes I’m getting carried away, but I couldn’t be more right about these trousers.  Perfect addition to summer wardrobe and piece to bright up your casual and classy looks. I can’t wait to wear them this season and get the matching jacket.

This time I decided to go for pink + white combo with black accessories.  The top is a simple slogan t-shirt from H&M, with a little bit of black and pink bits (it’s all about details) and the highlight of the look is my current crush – pearly black bag. I’m honestly so in love with this piece and so happy that I found it after realising I won’t be able to afford £450 Shrimps bag (oh well, maybe one day)


How to style Colourful trousers?

In the first place, think what sort of the look you are going for. Something formal or casual? I personally hesitate between the t-shirt I’m wearing (for loose and more chilled look) and black satin top (more sexy and sophisticated). The option number two wasn’t less flattering, but to be honest we all have days when we want to wear trainers and loose top.

I prepared three options with the pink Zara trousers as the foundation of the outfit, so you can use my suggestion on styling them for different occasion.

  1. Evening date: Top – H&M, Bag-Utreque, Shoes – TOPSHOP, Earrings- Mango 
  2. Glamorous loose:  Matching jacket – Zara, Top – Boohoo, Shoes – Mango, Bag – Net-a-Porter, Shades – Asos
  3. Sophisticated nudes:  Top – Zara, Shades – Zara, Bag – Mango, Shoes – Utreque, Watch – Cluse 

Check out more pictures of my look:


T-Shirt – H&M / Trousers – Zara / Bag – Zara / Shoes – John Lewis


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