Mix and match

Too much choice is something  that can be either a great thing or just overwhelming. I tend to hesitate and overthink even more when I have too many good options, especially when it comes to my wardrobe. The amount of times I’m changing my looks, shoes and accessories before going out is definitely the reason why I’m always late. Because of that I was so happy to discover John Lewis And/Or collection.

How does it work?

You start with the base of your look, in my case it was a dress, but you can also go with denim! Firstly you find a perfect pair of jeans for your shape. Secondly you go with the top which suits your style best. Then it’s time for the shoes to complete the look, you have options from classic designs, to loads of animal prints and more sporty solutions like trainers. The final stage of your journey is finding the right accessories- bag, jewellery and voila! You are ready to go out!

About my look:

As I’m currently in love with summer dresses, my choice was really easy for me. I decided to go with midi shirt dress as a foundation of my look. And/Or collection is all about making choices while you’re creating your look, so the fun starts when you have to style the dress and own the look! When you think dress, you usually associate it with smart shoes, but I wanted to break some rules and went for white sneakers to go with the dress (also how cute are the tassels on the sneakers!). Then it all came down to details, which can really make a big difference. The cross body leather bag is something I’ve been looking at for a while and the great news is, that the one from my look comes in three different colours: brown, red and black!

Check out how I created my summer look with And/Or collection and go to John Lewis website to complete an outfit for yourself!






Shop my outfit on John Lewis website – https://www.johnlewis.com/brand/and/or/_/N-1z04dn1


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