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We finally got what we asked for (or something I’ve been really asking for) and it’s time to have a look and review the top trends for this Spring. To be honest none of the current trends are news breaking topic as they all refreshed version of last year pieces (with few exceptions) especially when it comes to accessories and shoes. I decided to skip selection of all kitten heels, loafers, bucket bags and everything else we’ve already seen and update your wardrobe with some fresh pieces!



Transparent Bag

Transparent bags were one of these things I saw and asked myself, why? It’s a massive throwback to 00’s and even when I found it tacky and cheap in the beginning, it sort of grew on me. With good styling and colours, I may try to approach this trend very soon to make up my mind.

FOREVER 21 £18



Chic Shirt

My absolute favourite! Shirt with buttons, which are not only to open your shirt, but they are also chic and stylish detail! I have so much love for shirt + denim combo and everything what highlights the beauty of this top. My choice is the white one as it works best for me, but check out other colours below:

Chicwish £35




Raffia Bag

Raffia bag is definitely a must have especially that it adds so much summer/beach vibe to your wardrobe. They were already trending last year, but this time round and basket shape are the most popular ones. The classic colours like black and natural raffia are easy to wear, but for a little bit more fun, go for the one with colourful pom pom or addiction of bright colour.


Topshop £24




I can already see how I style the pair of mules with cute skirt for summer and jeans for casual days. The biggest advantage about them is the fact that they are making your legs look so flattering (and long) and they are comfier replacement for high heels for summer.

Topshop £46



Pastel clothing

Everything looks cuter in pastel colours, so if you still didn’t get any colourful pieces, now it’s the right time to do it! Pastels are perfect addition to summer looks and they are so cute to mix and match together.

Bershka £29.99


What is your favourite trend this Spring? Let me know in comments!


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