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Balenciaga is the pioneer of the latest “Ugly Sneakers” or “Dad Sneakers” trend. It all started with their Spring/Summer 2018 menswear show where they presented the 90’s inspired kicks. The other brands quickly caught up on the trending product and adopted the “ugly sneakers” in their collections.

They are kind of cool-uncool sneakers and I’m not even sure how to feel towards them. In the beginning I absolutely hated them and I couldn’t understand how anyone can find them flattering and stylish, but I have to admit that now they growing on me.

The best evidence of their success and demand is the fact that the most popular designs are already sold out almost everywhere!

If you still can’t make up your mind or you want to get a pair for yourself, check the sneakers below:



Stella McCartney £450
GANNI £235
ZARA £49
BALENCIAGA £705 (sold out)
Nike £145
FILA £80
Louis Vuitton £780

Outfit Inspirations:

Bella Hadid steps out in Balenciaga Triple S sneakers. Splash News
Trace Ellis Rose Balenciaga Sneakers. Popsugar
Hailey Baldwin wears a Balenciaga T-shirt with the brand’s Triple S sneakers. Splash News

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