Walk in Notting Hill

London is currently the top fashion destination for all fashion lovers (thanks to the London Fashion Week) so all places around central are super busy. West London is much quieter and Notting Hill still one of the favourite place for tourist to visit, but probably now is still less crowded (and crazy) than other parts of London.  The sunny weather over the weekend put me in such an amazing mood and I was literally ready to take my hamper and go for a picnic in the park.  As you can see picnic didn’t work out, fair enough it’s still winter, but I went for a walk between colourful houses of Notting Hill.

My Spring/Summer must have

I  felt so comfortable walking around thanks to my new midi heeled classics from Shoes of Pray. I feel like this type of shoe in black and natural colour is an absolutely must have in every woman's wardrobe. I can already see myself wearing them on the daily basics over the Spring and Summer time. That's my second time when I had an opportunity to design my shoes with Shoes of Prey, but trust me it was as exciting as the first time! I love the fact that every time  you can create exactly what you have in mind. I was on a look for a smart/casual and comfy pair of chic shoes and surprisingly simple pieces are usually the hardest to get in high street shop. In the world where all brands are on the run for more extravagant collection, simplicity is what I'm missing the most.

Make sure to check how I styled my classic pic from Shoes of Prey and check how I actually made them. Design your own pair and remember to use my code ALLINSTYLE to get free personalised inscription inside your shoes! Have fun x

How I made my pair:



Jumper - ZARA / Trousers - ZARA / Bag - Karl Lagerfeld / Shoes - Shoes of Prey / Watch - CLUSE 


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