Red obsession

I’m finally back in London after Christmas away! I had an absolutely amazing time with my friends and family, but now I’m ready to enter 2018 with positive energy and motivation to work.The couple days between Christmas and New Year are always crazy. Not only because all shops are starting their sales, so you are surrounded by people everywhere.
For me the main colour of Christmas is red, and the New Year ones are gold and black.
My outfit today is mix between red and black, which is perfect solution for this festive period.

My look:

I’m wearing black turtleneck from River Island matched with wide, red trousers from Topshop. I have them in my wardrobe for ages, and I tried to create the perfect look with them at least 5 times over this year, but the main problem was always picking the right shoes. Finally NA-KD red sock boots made me say YES to the look, as I fall in love with this total red combination. To keep the game of two colours alive I picked the black accessory-bucket bag from Hieleven. I totally feel their minimalistic vibes, and entire collection will fit perfectly with my wardrobe. Simple and elegant pieces, which I found hard to find in the times where every brand is trying to add more and more to become “unique and original”.  Plus I really appreciate when my bag can fit my all essentials (including bottle of water) so I can’t ask for more, it’s just perfect!






Shop my look:





Sweater – River Island / Trousers – TOPSHOP (old collection) / Shoes – NA-KD  / Bag – Hieleven 




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