Perfect pair of boots:

How many of you can relate to this feeling when you are looking for shoes and you have something on your mind (like ideal design for you) but all the shoes that you try out aren’t quite right? You search in so many stores and in the end you either get lucky or just end up buying something what wasn’t your first choice. I feel like all of us had those moments when we wish we could just literally design our perfect pair of shoes instead of wasting hours browsing online and in stores.

If you still not familiar with Shoes of Prey you’re missing out BIG time. On their website you can make your ideas come to live and become a designer of your own unique collections. From the type of shoe, to heel, colour, zip and personal description inside, you are taking a part in every step of creating your own pair of shoes in 3D view (so you can see every detail of your shoe). The best part of it is that they are with you within two weeks.

My experience:

I’ve had an amazing experience creating my own pair of shoes and I loved every second of it! It was a bit difficult as picking just one pair over thousands of possibilities was not an easy decision.  I started from the type of the shoe. I went through so many options and colour possibilities, but after two days of thinking and changing designs I finally ended up creating the beauties from pictures below. The final touch for all shoes is adding description inside, so I was so excited to receive my first personalised (ALLINSTYLE) shoes!

After two weeks they arrived and I must say that they really taking care of every detail. The packaging was so beautiful. They arrived with protection bag, care card and quote from Oscar Wilde. It may not be important for some people, but I really appreciate good packaging. The shoes looked exactly how I design them. The size was true to my normal size, colours as I expected and what’s important they are really comfortable!

Creating my shoes

Check out my latest look featuring the boots


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