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Statement bag is a dream of every fashion lover. It’s actually proven than investing money into Hermes bag is more profitable than investing your money into gold*. Other classics like Chanel or Gucci most popular styles are not going to drop their value if you decide to sell them after certain time. So if you need another reason to justify spending hundreds of pounds for the bag of your dream, think of it as an investment. That’ll make you feel better (however I’m not sure if your partner will understand it as well as other fashionistas)

2017 was full of amazing designs from top fashion houses, some bags became most wanted pieces of everyone and took over all fashion social media accounts. Check out my list below of most popular bags of 2017!

Ps. If you need more details about investing your money into bag, make sure to read this article:  


  1. Chloé-Nile Bag £1,280


2. Dior-J’adore Bag £2,350

3. J.W. Anderson-Pierce Bag £1,095


4. Gucci-Marmont Bag 1,350£


5. Cult Gaia-Ark Bag £170

6. Balenciaga-Triangle Duffle Bag £1,365


7. Simon Miller-Bonsai Bag £385

8. Chanel-Gabrielle Bag £2,500

9. Louis Vuitton-Petite Malle Bag 3,500£


10. GUCCI-Belt Bag £765


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