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Corduroy- New Denim?

Unexpectedly, corduroy became one of the most wanted and most popular fabric in last couple of weeks. Vintage look pieces are flooding into every online shop, jackets, trousers, skirts and even shoes became most wanted products for this winter. It all begin with Marc Jacobs catwalk where Kylie Jenner wore burgundy wide leg corduroy trousers, Prada approaching the fabric with maxi pink skirt and wide brown trousers, and many other designers bringing back the forgotten trend in their Autumn/Winter collections.

Everything looks amazing on the catwalk, but I found it disappointing, when I’m trying the pair of corduroy trousers (which look perfect on the model) but sadly they don’t look as good on me. I didn’t buy a corduroy piece yet as I may need some more time to convince myself towards it or try more pieces on and find the perfect one for me. This trend may not be for everyone as it’s really particular and simply it’s not necessary going to suit you or your style.

If you not sure about corduroy clothing,  try some accessories, however if you absolutely hate it and don’t want to even try on this trend ( what I can understand as well ) don’t force yourself, it’s not as flattering and it’s not going to work for all of us.

Marc Jacobs

How to wear it?

Corduroy is known for being one of the least sexy or feminine fabric. Lots of us probably associate it with school girl uniform or oversized manly jackets. You can try to make it more sophisticated, but I’m not entirely sure how successful would that be, so I’m going to provide you the ultimate casual guide on how to wear corduroy.

Catwalk inspirations


Corduroy jackets:

That’s my favourite corduroy piece and the one I’m finding the most fashionable. It doesn’t take anything from your figure and it’s as easy to wear as any other jacket from your wardrobe.

The best ones are burgundy, black and navy. I’m also concerned about baby blue, baby pink and denim colour. Break the colours with bright top/jumper and mix it with different fabrics.

Pull&Bear £45.99

Shop corduroy jackets:




 Corduroy trousers:

First of all, you need find a right fit for yourself. Skinny, wide leg or culottes, once you know what works best for you, you can start thinking about the styling.

Perfect wintery look, is matching them with big jumper or sweater in neutral colour. Material takes a lot of attention, so you shouldn’t get to crazy on the top part.

The other solution is a simple t-shirt ( eventually one with little, cute print ) in white or black. I love the simplicity and elegant touch of this colours, mixed  with corduroy fabric.


H&M £39.99


Shop corduroy trousers:




Corduroy skirts and dresses:

It’s easy to make it look immature (also judging by the look of corduroy skirts and dresses I saw in the shops) so you have to make sure that your top and accessories are well chosen.

Don’t mix colours, to much, stay in neutral shades. Shoes are being a big part of your look as well, so pick ankle flat boots or heavy (Dr.Martens) style boots for the best styling results.







Shop corduroy dresses and skirts:



ZARA £19.99



Shop corduroy accessories:




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