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Chloé Faye shoulder bag is one of the most popular and recognisable bag in the world.  It comes in different sized and colours and it became a dream of every fashion girl. The unique design and detailing as ring and chain makes everyone recognise the brand without hesitating.

When luxury product gets popular, it always gives a sign to all shops, that it’s time to make more affordable dupe. Next to GUCCI, Celiné and Chanel, Chloé bags are currently one of the most willingly copied ones. So if you don’t have spare £1,300 in your account, but you’re a fan of Faye bag, you can get your copy in online shop SHEIN for only $28.00. You get what you paying for, so defiantly don’t expect the copy bag to even look convincible to someone who knows Chloé design, and I also wouldn’t hope to get extraordinary quality. So while you waiting for your piggy bank to be hit the target and you can get all designer bags you want, take a look at this two and let me know what you think!

Chloé £1,269


SHEIN £21.00


Chloe £1,300
SHEIN £24.00



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