September is here and it’s a good season to start looking for a stylish autumn boots. When I came across Nicholas Kirkwood ones I loved the detail with pearls which turn a simple boots to elegant and classy shoe, suitable for smart and casual looks. From the other side, I didn’t have to look too hard and too far to find a cheaper version of the shoes which looked almost identical. The ones I found are from Ego shoes, but I spotted many different shops using pearl details in the heel right now.

British designer, graduated from central Saint Martin- Nicholas kirkwood, created his ‘Casati’ collection inspired by Man Ray’s muse Marchesa Luisa Casari. He used faux pearl to create a chic shoe design and blend pearls in the heel to give them unique and recognisable look.

Inspired or just lazy?

In the same time the online shops got ‘inspired’ a little bit too much and started selling almost the same shoe with a completely different price. With price goes quality, make etc. but for the first look you may not be able to see if someone spent £750 or £35 on their shoes.  When I showed it to my friend, without saying that it’s two different shoes, they didn’t even spot a difference.

Shoes are best-selling on net-a-porter and other high fashion websites, but also the Ego ones are almost sold out.  I personally don’t feel that it’s right to steal an idea from a young designer, especially then loads of the people which bought Ego shoes, have no idea who actually should be credited for the design.


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