It’s my favourite time of the year, when all items in my imaginary wishlist are now being sold at 30-80% off. Some people hate them and since I’ve moved to London I’m not that surprise anymore, because no one likes to spend one hour in the massive queue and see people almost fighting for the last pair of shoe reduce by £5 in Zara. However, if you do it smart, you can avoid disappointment and enjoy sale period as a winner. There’re a couple of rules to follow to not get carried away and get the best for your value:

  1. Don’t buy products only because they are cheap

How many times did you buy a pair of shoes or a dress you weren’t convinced about, but an attractive price was too convincing? And how many of these clothes ended up at the bottom of your wardrobe? Yes, that’s what I’m talking about. Over the sale period, pick wisely, stick to the colours you already wear to make sure that sale buys blend with your wardrobe seamlessly. Take the items you would consider even if they were full price, that will save your time with returns and money.

  1. Invest your money into quality clothes and accessories

Sale is a great opportunity to get statement designer pieces you were always dreaming about with a half price on the label. I totally agree that it’s better to invest your money into one item which will last you for many years, instead of spending hundreds on multiple high street pieces. You will get bored of your prey from Mango in next season, but Valentino shoes will always complement your outfits.

  1. Complete your wardrobe with timeless pieces

Take advantage of the promotions and buy clothes/accessories which you can use all the time. Denim jacket, collection of shirt in neutral colours, comfy jeans, black mini dress, classy heels, they are never going out of style and you will probably need them over the year, so it’s better to buy them now rather than later.

  1. Always go with the size true to your body

If something is too small, leave it, you won’t lose weight just for that one item. I can guarantee you, that within next couple days you will find something better in your size, so if it does it fit it doesn’t go in the basket!

  1. IMPORTANT: Check refund and exchange policy!

Lots of shops, especially luxury ones don’t let you refund your sale item. Sometimes you can do an exchange, but obviously your money still stays with the company. Before finalising your purchases, ask sale assistant about their policy and ask yourself again: Do I really need it?  Only if you don’t hesitate, take it.

  1. High street rule – wait couple weeks for the best markdowns.

Majority of high street shops are discounting clothes to crazy prices, like 70-90% off the start price. Wait 4-7 weeks from the start of the sale, to get items for the cheapest possible price. I know that you may think that in the end of the sale all good staff is gone, but if you’re patient and you look carefully, you can find amazing stock for ridiculously low amount of money.

  1. Don’t forget about online retailers

I personally love shopping online. Since almost all brands are providing free refunds it’s super easy to pick the times you like, put them in the basket, pay without the queuing up for ages, try it in the comfort of your home and decide if you like it or not. Also some brands, from my observations ( for example H&M ) has better stock and better discounts online, so it’s worth to check it and see what you can find there.


I know you all know high street shops, but if you not sure where to shop online I’m leaving you couple links to online stores with good sales for statement pieces, enjoy <3

Ps. Most of them already has second or third markdown:


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