Royal Botanic Kew Gardens was founded in 1840, it’s the place where you can explore the largest and most unique botanical and mycological collections in the world. Plant collections, botanical art exhibitions and over 250 years history about Gardens. Over the seasons, you can admire different types of flowers and get as close to the nature as never before.

My impression:

WOW. I heard a lot from my friends about Kew Gardens, but it took me a while to find a day to go there. Finally on Easter Sunday i decided to see if all the fantastic reviews were true. From the entry to the garden, you can realise how big it is and it may take you a whole day to explore all incredible sights there. When you are surrounded by so many trees and flowers, even air feels different; fresh and clean. Besides the nature, going there it’s a fun activity. If weather is nice you can take a blanket and do a picnic. They also have special places outside for picnic tables where you can eat, but if you are not prepared, local restaurants provides food and drinks.

What to do?

With every step I made in Kew Gardens i had an opportunity to discover or look at something beautiful, all spots there are just amazing. I started my walk from going to Queen’s Garden, from there I moved to Kew Palace and Royal Kitchens ( The summer house of King George III ). Palace still has some of the original furniture and it holds a lot of history inside. You can see old paintings and discover some key facts about Royal Family. After that I took a map and went through most of the spots in the Garden. The ones I liked the most was:

Kew Palace in the background

Cherry Walk with blooming trees– They also have benches across the Gardens, so you can chill out under colourful trees and flowers)

Close-up of blooming cheery trees

Lake and Sackler Crossing-Full of ducks, main lake of the Gardens, ( I spent some extra time with my boyfriend just to feed them)


Treetop Walkway -Totally scary experience! 18 meters walk above the floor. It allows you to walk through the treetops and see views across the Kew Gardens and London. I personally love to have some adrenaline, so that was a nice surprise as i had no idea they have attraction like this in the Gardens.

18 meters never felt so scary.

Palm House – rain-forest climate supports unique species of tropical palms. That’s one of the most impressive botanical collections in the world. You can literally feel like in the jungle

As beautiful outside as it is inside

Rock Garden – includes flora from six different regions in the world. Beautiful scenery with small waterfalls and modern architecture seamlessly merged with the nature around.

Admiring the scenery Rock Garden offers

Sadly, some of the buildings were closed, so I couldn’t see all Gardens attractions. I spent there over 5 hours and I still feel like it was not enough. I’m sure that over the summer I will be regular visitor there.

Few more shots from my day in Kew Gardens:












For more information visit Kew Gardens Website


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