Kitten heels were never out of fashion. They were always appearing in designer collections, but usually were not appreciated by everyone. This year changed the demand. Current fashion weeks just confirm that kitten heels are definitely one of the hottest trend of 2017.

Kitten Heels – Throw back in time

Kitten heel got invited in late 1950’s and popularized by fashion icon Audrey Hepburn. It’s a small heel from 2.5-5 cm, so they used to be considered ‘trainer shoes’ for young girls, to introduce them to high heels world. In time older women appreciated easy way of highlighting your sexuality and expressed being comfortable, so they dominated 50’s and 60’s. They had their come backs in the past, but now it seems like they are in like never before.

How to wear them?

Literally with everything. If you tired of high heels replace them with kitten ones that’s your solution. You will keep your look smart, and feel way more comfortable. You may find them looking funny, but trust me,  currently shops are offering so many different shapes and colours that you will find the ones which will steal your heart!

Check my favourite pick below:


mango kitten heels

Mango, £59.99, Click Here


zara kitten heels

Zara, £19.99, Click Here



Uterque, £95, Click Here



L.K.Bennett, £210, Click Here


Kurt geiger

Kurt Geiger, £65, Click Here


Net-A-Porter, £630, Click Here


Loeil kitten heels

Loeil, £65, Click Here


H&M shoes

H&M, £24.99, Click Here








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