Valentine’s is not only about couples in love. If you feel upset seeing all your friends receiving gifts and flowers, don’t worry about that. Even if you still didn’t find your other half or you feeling good as a single, you should use this day as another opportunity to get a treat for yourself!

Find my picks to make this day more enjoyable for yourself:

lipstick perfect gift

Yves Saint Laurent, £27, Click Here


necklace gift

Dower&Hall, £95, Click Here


pyton scarf gift

Zadig & Voltaire, £80, Click Here


dkny watch

DKNY, £125, Click Here


perfume gift

Dior, £41, Click Here

 makeup gift

MAC, £25, Click Here



Tiffany&Co, £120, Click Here



moschino handbag

Moschino, £182, Click Here






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