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If you’re following fashion bloggers on social media, you probably noticed new designer t-shirt trend. It took control over instagram, twitter and facebook.  Why all of a sudden everyone is so crazy about it? It all started from Gucci with their end of 2016 t-shirt with big logo design. All magazines and fashion influencers loved it and decided to follow the trend. It’s comfortable and you can wear it with as many options as you like. Skirts, dresses, elegant jacket, your favourite heels, it just can’t be wrong.

The most desirable is still the one with the Gucci logo, Dior feminist t-shirt and Chanel Coco Cuba (currently sold out everywhere) loved and promoted by all fashion girls and celebrities. The prices may be a bit off-putting, but as a fashion lover I picked my favourite ones for different budgets.

Ps. Be quick, they are all selling out fast

Gucci tee

Gucci, £320, Click here


kenzo tshirt

Kenzo, £75, Click here


Givenchy t-shirt

Givenchy, £490, Click here


CK Calvin Clein tshirt

Calvin Klein, £45, Click here


YSL tshirt

YSL, £250, Click here


Sandro t-shirt

Sandro, £100, Click here


farfetch tshirt

COMME DES GARÇONS PLAY, £110, Click here


Marc Jacobs tshirt

Marc Jacobs, £130, Click here


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