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Winter is coming… and it’s becoming much harder to look like fashion icon when you have many layers of clothes on you. Your main aim is to feel warm when outside its -10 degrees, but how to make it work together? Accessories are the key to make a winter outfit look fashionable and stylish. Here is my pick of Top 5 Winter Accessories that will help you this winter:

  1. Beret

If you’re bored of beanie hats, get inspired from French fashion and add some chic to your outfit. Classic wool berets are the most stylish choice for upcoming winter.

h&m hat beret grey

H&M, £7.99, Click Here


Red beret allinstyle

TopShop, £12.00, Click Here


  1. Print Poncho

What can be more comfortable than wearing ‘blanket’ outside during the cold weather? Absolutely nothing. Ponchos are great replacement for traditional coat and will hide additional layers of clothes to make your look more unique and stylish. P.s. try them with belt over your waist!

poncho winter style

Zara, £29.99, Click Here


h&m poncho autumn

H&M, £24.99, Click Here


winter look unique

Abercrombie&Fitch, £64, Click Here


  1. Faux fur scarf

Scarf will makes you warm, but fur scarf will makes you warmer. Is cheaper and less cruel alternative for a real fur (which I recommend) but is still very stylish. Wear it over your jacket to make it more fashionable, play with colours and length and your winter look won’t be boring again.

fur fashion

ASOS, £35, Click Here


fur scarf zara

Zara, £29.99, Click Here


new look fur scarf

New Look, £19.99, Click Here


  1. Leather gloves.

Usually is very elegant and classy accessory. Now you can try to play a little bit with this trend and pick different length, cut or colour. You may think that is such a small element of your outfit to pay attention to, but remember that people are always looking at your hands, so take care of every detail.

river island gloves

River Island, £22, Click Here


fashion winter gloves

H&M, £19.99, Click Here


asos gloves dont buy

Asos, £22, Click Here


  1. Pattern scarf

If you are more casual girl and you not a fan of faux fur scarfs it’s a good alternative for you. Prints and colours will keep your outfit busy and still trendy over the winter.

Scarf for winter fashion

Stradivarius, £14.99, Click Here


Fashion Scarf

Mango, £19.99, Click Here


scarf zara

Zara, £22.99, Click Here



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