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Velvet fabric was always classic staple in fashion world. It wasn’t so popular over the last couple of years, but now seems like we can see a big come back for velvet. Dresses, tops, shoes, belts to home accessories, everyone is absolutely crazy about soft material. Runways, boutiques and high street shops are full of this fabric.


I also got into this trend, especially with tops and dresses. The tricky thing about this fabric is that you have to know how to wear it, for it not to seem like you’ve just woken up. This fabric put me back to my childhood days, when this material was used for hoddies and joggers. I would never predict that dozen years later it would be one of the top materials for casual outfits. Proof of how fashion can constantly surprise you.


Personally, I still love the delicate touch of the fabric but I’m I remain careful with my choices. Black and dark colours pieces are my preferred choices to make outfit look more elegant and serious. I have to admit that it’s definitely a must-have for current season, so I picked some of my favourite pieces with link below!


Zara All in Style Velvet Dress

Zara, £29.99, Link: Click Here

ÉTOILE ISABEL MARANT Dress Velvet Allinstyle

Étoile Isabel Marant, £280, Link: Click Here

Asos Velvet Top Allinstyle

Asos, £28, Link: Click Here

Zara Green Velvet Dress Allinstyle

Zara, £22.99, Link: Click Here

H&M Velvet Trousers Allinstyle

H&M, £49.99, Link: Click Here



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